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Prospective Members!
Fate of the Fallen is a level 20 Xbox guild with max boons that has been around since 2015 and is in the Denial Alliance. We welcome anyone who is 18k. We have the HP, Power, Defense, Lifesteal, Armor Pen, Mount Speed, Experience and 1 PVP boon fully upgraded (among the most important).

ALLIANCE – Denial’s full helm swapping Alliance with 12 guild hall 20’s for more than enough activity across beginning content to end game. As with any guild, the more you put yourself out there and get groups together, the more fun you will have!

DRAGONS – The Alliance hosts dragons, marauders and T3 influence almost every night a week.

RANKS – Moving up the ranks from 1-5 in FALLN is as un-subjective as possible focusing on your time in the guild and how much you have improved your character’s item level.

RAFFLES – We hold raffles form time to time.


JOIN NOW – Xbox message any of the following for more information: @SAMCORULES; @Mitch Rapp o

Updated: 11/01/18

Code of Conduct
"Preamble – This is a mature guild comprised of individuals representing a diversity of age, race, geographical location, gender, social economic background, and gaming skill. We were established in 2015 on the foundation of competitive spirit, mutual respect, and camaraderie.

Breaking these Rules and Regulations carry penalties. These can range from a Verbal warning to dismissal from the guild depending on the seriousness of the transgression.

Governing Rules and Regulations
1. HAVE FUN – Let’s face it, that’s why we’re all here. We all have fun when we respect each other. When the round ends, it’s nothing but a “good game”.

2. Inactivity – Every few weeks you are given a word to put in your member comment section of guild roster. Failure to do so by the specified date, means we will be forced to label you inactive and kick you from the guild. You are welcome to come back at any time.

3. Dungeon Etiquette: Please ask for the following - Tank/DPS/Ranged/Heals. NO IL LEVEL. You are asked to take whomever PM/asks for an invite FIRST (It is only acceptable to bring IL up if it is the requirements for the dungeon). Always try 2-3 times before politely bowing out of a run "TY, GTG" is fine.

4. Alliance/Guild Chat: WTT is accepted but NO AD specifications. Keep it to "PM if interested." NO IL in chat. Do NOT spam chat with WTT or LF. 2 times to make sure it goes out there and 2 times when you get a new person until you pop up "FULL TY" at the end.

5. Keep swearing and complaining to a MINIMUM and NO Racial/Political Slurs– We are a worldwide guild with a range of viewpoints. Debate is good, arguments and flaming posts are not. If you are asked to stop, please just stop. You ALSO have the right to ask the other party to stop (politely). Please note: If you allow a friend or Family Member to use your Gamertag, you are responsible for the actions of that person.

6. Promotions –
  • Rank 1 Recruit: 18k. Alts - Alts are welcomed, an do not have to meet IL requirement.
  • Rank 2 Junior Member: 18k IL on the roster, 3 weeks in guild.
  • Rank 3 Member: 19k IL on the roster, 5 weeks in guild.
  • Rank 4 Senior Member: 20k IL on the roster, 8 weeks in guild.
  • Rank 5 Emissary: 23k IL on the roster, 16 weeks in the guild or officers discretion. Has a repository slot, has access to officer chat, has a personal XBOX chat with other 5's and gets guild news sooner than guild mail. They also can invite people to the guild that meets current requirements.
  • Rank 6 Officer: GL and officer discretion.
  • (Currently a closed rank)

7. Demotions – If such occasions should arise such as inactivity, not performing your job, or any other instances that are deemed contrary to the beliefs and foundations of the guild and its members. This includes if we find your character is no longer the base IL required to join FALLN.

8. Complaints and Questions – Send to an Officer via XBOX1 Message with a screen shot of issue. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. (We get caught up in the game same as you!)

9. Violations and member misconduct – A GL and Officer would collect information on the offense, discuss/debate the issue and determine what should be done. Do not take matters in your own hands - screenshot it and send it to your GL's or 6's.

Addendum to the CC– The purpose of this addendum is to give you information that will allow you to get the most enjoyable experience out of you membership. It will also provide you with a look at how the upper ranks are structured. The GLs reserve the right to amend the Code of Conduct at will.